What is it?

Happy Vibes is what we fondly call the Vibe Trainer Pro.
What you see is a handle and a plate to stand on… doesn’t sound very impressive but don’t underestimate this machine!

Inside the central column, that supports the handles, sits a computer that has different vibration programs. This computer drives two motors.
Each motor has his own function, one moves in an up and down ward motion, the other one goes front to back. These moves are big enough to have a huge impact on your body but small enough for you to be able to stand comfortably on the plate.

MachineWRKA 10 minute workout is comparable to 60 minutes of strength and core training.  When you stand on the plate and start the vibrations your body has to work to stay in balance. You do this automatically, without even having to think about it but your muscles are getting quite a bit of exercise. That is how the muscle toning and weight loss are achieved. To get even greater results you can do exercises while standing on the vibrating plate.

Additionally the vibrations will increase your blood circulation. This effect can be experienced very quickly. Immediately after the very first session people notice warmer hands and feet, increased energy and sometimes a pleasant tingling sensation. As we all know, good blood circulation is imperative to good health. Blood removes toxins and waste products form your cells and delivers oxygen and fresh nutrition for your cells to function properly.

These are the two main principles of how and why Happy Vibes works. If you want more information you can visit Benefits. There is a number of benefits of using Happy Vibes and at the bottom of the page it lists some links to reports of scientific studies